Learning Lesson / Reminder - USDJPY

10:31 PM

- No one knows, and please don't be fooled by people who say they do.

Nomura released a statement giving all the possible reasons why the BOJ will indeed cause a depreciation of JPY, economic reports stating that JPY strength is detrimental to the economy, traditionally aggressive Abe-nomics usually acts in these senarios. Etoro indicated as least as at 8hrs before Japan that most were net long.

But the USD/JPY went down.

There was a lot of chatter on the USD/JPY newsfeed the other day, and I noted some people going around to the USD/JPY sudden news fluctuations and showing off as if they knew that this was going to happen.

For new traders, I know some of you come to the etoro platform to learn and I just want to tell you, there is no lesson to take away from this!
Mr. Markets is weird!

Unless a person made a claim before the downward spike and took a position because XYZ, i am very hard-pressed to say they are not just trolling. You will also see this on moderated boards, where the guru will give the reasons why he made money in the spike, yet when you post certain questions they never get published or get deleted.

While it is important to review trades like game tape, the market isn't like that unfortunately, sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down on the same piece of news. If it went up, it would say Bank of Japan did something, if it went down it is because they did nothing.

Follow a good system and base your entire sanity of your trading life on that.

Stay safe!

- Zechariah 

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