April half-month performance: +0.99%

11:18 AM

- Fund Performance (+0.99%)
- Index(s) performance (NIC and AFX)
- How I spent my earnings this month

So this is my first month trading, only effectively had half a month in the market. I also had shingles so i had very little active trading. 

Nonetheless thank you traders, once again great job!
Performance of Fund

@newstrader - +4.21% one of the worse experiences in my trading life, so what happened was there was a averaging down of a losing position. While I do not think newstrader intended for it to turn out that way but loss about 20% of my position and my risk score went from 3 to 8 overnight.

You can read about it on newstraders feed and he admitted it was a mistake and he himself had trouble coming to terms with the position. But when it was all said and done, i trust this man even more.

I like people who have less BS and even more so when they are willing to connect with you on the etoro feeds. As such, keeping position the same with him.

@sameerah786 - -2.23% but for the month -0.94%, didn't do so well this month, my balance being down slightly  its ok, just probably timing

Too soon to evaluate, will keep position

@Doew85 - +0.66%, +0.55% for the month most trades first half of the month, nothing in the 2nd half. Maybe on break? Newsfeed also no news. Deserves a break, consistently good performance.

Too soon to evaluate, will keep position

@tradingrelax - +0.39%, 0.63% for a slow month as well

Too soon to evaluate, will keep position

There was another trader on my initial list, however I saw his stats when I was about to copy and immediately pulled out. It was a bad position with no SL in place.

 Index Performance

NIC Index - to be honest im starting to fear the index, cause the longer it goes on. It scares me more.

The performance of the index shows that the total index produced about 0.17% with the average performance at -4.20%. 

The last time I did the index in February, I said poor performance was due to a troubling month which is quite understandable. The month of April, the month might have been worse. Not just from my NIC index but the AFX index as developed by Richard Levich, a professor from NYU Stern and a must read for academics reviewing currency funds performance (http://people.stern.nyu.edu/rlevich/afx_index.html)
So well done again to the traders, still did better than the average index.

Spending Money!

I am going to be doing a post of this later this month on why I spend half my earnings every month and invest the rest.

Lets not kid ourselves people, this isn't easy. It is easier than a lot of things, but still isn't easy. it takes times, effort and earning months don't come along all the time.

For the first month I will be practising the tradition of offering of the first fruit. I am a Christian, the ancient practice is so beautiful and its for a good cause as the church is really involved in the community.

So my earnings for the first month of US$180* will be donated.


Stay safe people! 
Do leave comments and questions if you have any

*figures from my chart and the amount differ slightly cause there was 2 days difference, my bad

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