Going Back to Tradition: Trading on my own

11:36 AM

So unfortunately, for those of you who have been following me I had this moment where because of a trader I was down over $4,000 of my $15,000 investment. Now this isn’t significant for some people, but for me it was for 2 reasons. It was the trader who did so made the most money for me thus far and I lost sleep because I had to manage it manually to ensure I didn’t lose more than I wanted.

I realised something really important, despite all my analysis, there still isn’t information sufficient enough to create a solid plan to trade profitably just by copying. 

I believe i can provide a value service to the community at etoro by being absolutely transparent and being a human being behind the numbers. But i can prove my system works!  

So I’m going to go back and try it on my own using the same system I publish previously. But I do want to improve the system as well and so I’ve been on a book binge to improve. 8 books down and i am happy to report i have learnt so much!

I will post more updates on the improved system soon.

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