Lesson Review: eToro with Alpesh Patel

7:47 AM

So etoro held a podcast with Alpesh Patel and it was AWESOME! If you have not heard it you should at this link:


I have learnt many things from this 55mins from a professional hedge fund manager of Alphesh Patel calibre. Here are my top 3 lessons:

1) Traders put in more risk for winners

So if the trade is going in their favour, they add to the position and "risk" losing some of their profits. So they risk profit not capital. 

2) Professionals only do about 25 trades a month

Importance of not being a "screen slave" and also not over-trading. We cannot stay at the computer the 

3) Even experts don't get it correct

He talks about how he depends on the data and judgement of the economist, and this is super understandable. Unfortunately the economists got it wrong. 

Hope we can get more of these talks! Learnt a lot more than just these 3 lessons.

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