USDJPY Update: I was wrong

11:04 PM

So despite all my analysis and banging on the door with my thesis, I have to not hide. or pretend. I made a wrong call.

We hit SL at half our usual risk, which is smaller but still a loss.

It was what it was, a hawkish stance. Now to be hawkish means simply, to be careful of inflation. This means that the FOMC is likely seeing the new presidential regime as one that is going to promote a high amount of growth.

As I have established before, I do not think this is likely.


While this does present certain opportunities over the long run, I shall not digress from today's topic.

Recalling all the incidents and information, I would not have made a different decision. Given the facts I had at the time, it was a good bet with asymmetrical risk.

I am moving on and today is a new day. Traders have short memories. But it is important for me to say, I was wrong on this one.

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