Loss $$$ but gained so much more

10:53 AM

I sold my gold position because Trump was “done with negotiations” and I felt this was a clear sign that the health bill was going to go through. But it did not.

I also closed the position also because I see a potential opportunity on the EURUSD. Due to correlation risk, I did not want to have the two correlated trades open.

I write this post because I am happy. The bill was not passed through, democracy has done its part in the American system. I have become opposed the bill and have become emotionally invested to the outcome.

 The Trump campaign has called Obama-care a disaster due to its cost and lack of coverage. He has promised his bill to be better. 

The bill was so bad,  analysts called it 'Dead On Arrival' the fact that it has reached this stage is crazy. If politicians behaved in POTUS interest, the bill could have passed as the Republicans have the majority.

The fact that they cannot pass this bill means people's interests protected. This makes me very very very happy.

I may have lost some money here, but democracy and the people's interest won.

Trump is having problems. This may be the start of the stock market crash/correction I have been expecting but it is too early to tell. 

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