USD/CHF - Ugly performance, but I am growing

10:56 AM

Well, the account number certainly do not say so, I am down for the year quite a bit.

I certainly feel like an ugly duckling because of how far down I am this year. But this like all the forays we take in life are into different areas of life, there are ups and downs and we learn from them

Now this is not to say I am not going to be profitable for the year, it certainly is something that I am still aiming for. But changes need to be made.

But today, I feel slightly better about the ugly performance because of an interview on Macro Voices, a podcast mainly targeted at sophisticated investors.

On the podcast, the first guest, Alex Gurevichin the CIO at HonTe Investments made a call on the show, to short CHF against a long USD. The exact same trade I am in, and it is also for the same reasons I am in this trade.

(see transcript here:

To me this is a sign that I am growing, which is all I can ask for right now

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