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I am a popular investor with eToro:

Learning to invest is a lot of work. To be good, that is even harder.

More than 99% of people will lose money.

You see, to most people the most important thing is not money. But working hard at life doing what you love is. 

For most people listening to news, looking at charts or doing research is not fun. And like we said most people will lose money.

I trade with eToro because I can help people bypass this process in a way that is 100% transparent. I do not hide my trade ideas (I call them thesis) because I want to be transparent.

In doing this, I hope to at least reduce “gurus” on the internet. Those who sell their courses with large parties, traveling lifestyles and fancy cars.

Active management, or putting money with banks and funds is not much better due to the high fees and generally low performance. The industry is correcting itself, but it is slow.

Passive investing is has its problems. 

eToro solves the problem of active management with the advantages of passive. I believe is the future here today.

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