My mom asked me, "how shall I invest my money?"

I said: "I don't know”

This was a very startling question for me. See from a young age I was always exposed to economics and finance. At 8 years old, my grandma would ask me to read her stock prices from the newspaper. On my 21st Birthday, when it was legal, I opened my first FX account and threw all my savings into it.

During my University days, I earned enough money from my account to pay for my monthly expenses.

I had all the educational requirements, a Diploma in Banking & Finance, a undergraduate degree in Accounting and a postgraduate degree in Finance.

Yet, I still did not know how to invest money?

At this time I was in the banking sector, many of my friends and mentors were from this circle as well. So when I asked for their advice for what to do, I got technical & philosophical discussions, some with strong opinions and others with years of experience packed behind them.

While I appreciated this, it all changed when I met an old classmate, he was well-educated, incredibly smart, but a non-finance person. He was a creative. He shared his frustration over investing matters and how difficult it was for him.

It was at this point, it clicked, and I started talking to other non-finance people and it was clear. Investing for people like my mom and my classmate was hard because of the current structures in the existing financial system.

Since then i have been on an eToro journey to make finance easier for the world.



- a member of Mensa (IQ >98% percentile),

- 3 Years in investment banking

- >10 years of trading experience.

- Masters Degree in Finance

- Bachelors Accounting, A Diploma in Banking & Finance.

- Proudly married to a super fierce and firey wife. 

- Church go-er

- Dyslexic

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