- Over half the Expert fund managers do not invest a single dollar of their own money in their products

- Bankers and Wealth Advisors sell high Sales + Management funds

- Forex/Stockmarket Robots rarely make money past the first 3 years

- 95% of those who try trading on their own will fail within their first year

- Fad investing focuses on recent events not futures value (e.g. Cryptocurrency)

- Pure traders target high returns, but when they lose, they lose a lot...

- I spent over 5+ years and I still did not know enough, how can one manage money from reading a few books?



What if there was someone qualified and thoughful who puts a lot of time into thinking about investing his own savings? And what if you could copy them?

This someone would probably aim for long-term sustainable investments, not just the next 6 months.

He would evaluate a huge universe of investments and only invest in the best ones.

You may think he is ugly and gross, hell you may not trust this person.. But it would not matter.

They are investing their own money so they act in their own interest. A completely trustless system.

This person would put in all the work and you would just need to copy them.


THE ANSWER (Well partially)

eToro does this (As long as the investor puts enough of his own savings in it, very big if).

eToro cannot tell me how much to put into the account. Only that I have a minimum.

A person can do very well on the platform only investing $5,000. This would not be a problem, except what if this person was a billionare? He would probably go super high risk for a high return.

Not how you would want to invest your life savings. *In economics, we call this Utility Value.

I am going to be putting 30-50% of my total net worth into this, and keep funnelling more money into eToro or similar to ensure I act in your interest.

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